RISE welcomes new surge in support


RISE has welcomed the backing of a broad cross section of supporters including pro- independence figures and grassroots groups, authors and writers, internationals, musicians, academics, commentators, trade unionists, student activists and actors. 

RISE National Organiser, Jonathon Shafi said:

"This list of endorsements illustrates the scale of our support from figures on the left in Scotland, across the UK, and on the international scene. It underscores RISE as the reference point for Scottish socialism, and adds to the gathering momentum of our inaugural election campaign. 
"Over the last few months, in a competitive electoral field, RISE has managed to establish itself as a feature of mainstream Scottish politics and had provoked a spirited debate about the future of the independence movement. 
"RISE was launched just eight months ago, but in that time we have both cemented the unity of the Scottish left and developed a strong political identity. We intend to take our case for radical independence into parliament, where we'll win the argument for a second referendum with or without Westminster's consent and push for a combative anti-austerity strategy. 
"This impressive spread of supporters from cultural and political life in Scotland and beyond confirms the breadth of support for electing RISE MSPs on Thursday."

We are supporting a 2nd vote for RISE on May the 5th, to elect left wing pro-independence MSPs. We hope you will join us. 

*All signed in a 'personal capacity' unless prefixed with 'on behalf of'. 


Jim Sillars

Veteran independence campaigner and ex SNP Deputy Leader

Alan BissetT

Author, playwright and prominent Yes Campaigner

Jean Urquhart

Former Independent and SNP MSP

Iain Robertson

BAFTA award winning Scottish actor. Known for his work in the long-running children's drama Grange Hill and featured in Steven Speilbergs Band of Brothers and in recent years played "Gash" in the cult British comedy Rab C Nesbitt.

Derek Durkin

On behalf of Yes Craigmillar

Tariq Ali

Renowned author, campaigner and left-wing intellectual

Neil Davidson

Sociology lecturer and winner of the Isaac Deutcher memorial prize. 

Billy McChord

Trade union activist, member of the EIS-Fella Executive Committee

Andrew Kinnel

Student activist and President Stirling Students Union

The Wakes


Darren 'Loki' McGarvey

Rapper and social commentator

Myrto Tsakatika

Senior politics lecturer

Quim Arrafat

On behalf of the Catalonian independence left party, the CUP

Rosie Kane

Former SSP MSP, comedian

John McAllion

Former Labour MP

John Milligan

Co-organiser of the Lanarkshire Forum for Independence, activist and former member of the National Executive of the RMT.

Hamish Drummond

Trade unionist and Group Treasurer for the PCS Union

Paul Sneddon

Comedian also known as 'Vladimir Mactavish’.

Álvaro Gonzalez

Co-founder of  Edinburgh Podemos.

Carol Fox

Award winning Equal Pay solicitor and campaigner.

Roz Patterson

Author and journalist. Her most recent work is Restless Land: A Radical Journey Through Scotland's History

Basia Mindewicz

On behalf of Partia Razem, the Polish left party.

Benoit Renauld

On behalf of the pro-independence left party on Quebec, Quebec Solidaire

Christopher Silver

Writer, film maker and author of Demanding Democracy: The Case for a Scottish Media.

David Eyre

Media producer.

Debbie Figures

Vice Chair of Unite Scotland and Chair of Unite Scotland - Women’s Committee

Dr Brendan McGeever

Sociology lecturer and anti-racist campaigner.

Greame Ewart

Unite Scottish Executive Committee, Aerospace and Shipbuilding

Sean McLaughlin

Chair, Unite Scotland Young Member’s Committee.

Dr Nick McKerrell

Lecturer in Law, and frequent commentator on Justice issues