SARAH COLLINS // Sarah is a Unison steward in East Ayrshire, where she was previously branch secretary. Sarah has been involved in the trade union movement for several years, serving on the Scottish TUC's youth committee where she was Chairperson for 2013-14. She is currently a key organiser with the STUC's Better than Zero campaign and is studying for a PhD in labour law at the University of Strathclyde.  Sarah grew up in a typical pro-Labour family in Ayrshire but she became politically active through the Stop the War campaign in 2008, and remained involved in various campaigns such as the Coalition of Resistance anti-austerity movement, and subsequently the Radical Independence Campaign throughout the referendum. Sarah is passionate about international as well as local politics.

LAURA WATERS // A mother of three, Laura is determined to take the voices of ordinary people into Holyrood. She knows first-hand what it is like to be isolated by poverty and, as a woman, will fight to end gender pay inequalities. Laura is a passionate anti-racist and anti-austerity activist and will seek to build unity against austerity.

ROSEMARY DALE // Rosemary has spent her adult life active in progressive political causes, movements and campaigns, including years of anti-war protesting. She was a teacher for over 20 years where she was also the trade union representative for her school. She recently made local headlines for organising solidarity actions with the people of Greece against austerity.