JULIE SILAPASITH // As a nurse in A&E, Julie witnesses daily the effects that poverty and austerity politics is having on the health of those in her community, and provides a first-hand perspective of the impacts that further cuts to the NHS is the rest of the UK could have on the NHS here in Scotland.  

For Julie, RISE provides the vehicle which is necessary to connect with, and maintain, the democratic energy unleashed during the referendum. Locally, Julie played a leading role during the independence referendum, organising events, speaking at public meetings and working with the Indy Girls to empower her community to use their collective voice.  

MARIA FEENEY // Maria is a socialist organiser in Motherwell and has built up a presence for left wing ideas locally and nationally. She helped to run the inspirational refugees campaign, Wishaw to Calais, which set out and successfully provided for those in Calais suffering in the current refugee crisis. This campaign altered the mood the people of Scotland had towards the crisis. Maria is currently studying Politics, and is determined to provide a strong socialist voice in a rapidly changing world.

FIONA GALLAGHER // Having lived in Motherwell all her life, Fiona has spent years working with some of Lanarkshire's most vulnerable. Whilst volunteering at her local food bank, she became acutely aware that there was a desperate need to provide for parents struggling to meet the basic needs of young babies. This lead her to establish North Lanarkshire Baby Bank, to provide practical assistance to parents. Fiona was an active campaigner during the independence referendum and played a central role in the Indy Girls and Lanarkshire Forum for Independence. The energy of the Yes movement, and seeing the effect that the collapse of the steel industry has had on the local community, have inspired her to make a stand, for RISE and for her community.

MARGARET KEENAN // Margaret is a support worker for the Cumbernauld locality. She became politically active during the referendum and, while an SNP supporter previously, she decided a more radical approach to austerity was needed. Being a worker within North Lanarkshire for over 14 years Margaret knows in detail the changes needed, and will put the community at the heart of her political decision making.