JEAN URQUHART // Jean Urquhart has represented the Highlands & Islands Region in the Scottish Parliament since 2011. Elected on the SNP additional members list she resigned the party whip after National conference in 2012 when the delegates narrowly voted to change party policy on NATO membership. As a long time anti-nuclear campaigner she remains unconvinced by the prospect of ridding Scotland, UK and the world of its nuclear weaponry through membership of a pro nuclear club. Committed to Independence Jean continued to campaign in the wider YES movement and participated in the RIC conferences. Jean is a member of the Finance Committee. Her focus has been on rural issues as you might expect, crofting, land reform, ferries, rural transport, small business and social enterprise. Nationally, she launched 'Not My Xenophobia' website, convenes four cross-party groups on Poland, Culture, Adult Learning and Crofting and is a member of others on Epilepsy, RMT, Palestine, Rural Affairs, Tourism and Human Trafficking.