NATALIE REID // Natalie became active in politics during the independence referendum. Soon to take up a job in the NHS, Natalie looks forward to campaigning for RISE to provide a socialist voice in Holyrood, with MSPs on a worker's wage.

SOPHIA LYCOURIS // Sophia is a Greek artist and academic who moved to the UK in 1990. She moved to Scotland in 2007, and became involved with the Radical Independence Campaign, Independence Live and Women for Independence.

BASIA MINDEWICZ // Basia – an art teacher –  is a member of RAZEM, the new Polish left wing party founded on the principles of grassroots, left-wing, movements. Basia advocates the need for a new left in every country. Working with groups like Migrants Resistance Forum, and the Cross-Party Group on Poland, Basia brings diverse networks to RISE, and to the Lothians campaign.