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All the questions answered

Where the RISE WATCH is made?

The RISE WATCH is made in Switzerland and France and assembled in Scotland. Rest assured, no part of the RISE WATCH is made in England nor China.

Is the RISE WATCH backed by any political party ?

No. The RISE WATCH is about independence and not about any specific political party. The RISE WATCH is backed by me, my family and Scots like you.

Can I have my name on this website to show support for the independence ?

Absolutly. Once you purchase the RISE WATCH, you will be asked if you wish your name to appear on the RISE.Scot page. We will make sure everyone is included.

Who can sponsor the RISE watch ?

Any individual, company or group can sponsor the RISE WATCH. Technically any political party supporting the Scottish independence can also sponsor the RISE WATCH website.

Who is behind the RISE WATCH project?

Hi, my name is Connor. Navigating my early 20s, living in the Scottish Highlands, I am the man behind the RISE WATCH movement. It all started at a diner table with my entire family. Everyone of us plays a role and without a doubt, we all believes in the Scottish independence in our core.

What happens to the revenue generated by the watch sales ?

We have not generated any substatial revenue to share with you the details on how it will be spent. At present we have used personal funds to kick start the RISE WATCH project.

Part of the RISE watch revenue will be donated to Carers Trust Scotland, a large part of the revenue will be used to purchase more equipments/materials/ads/digital content. Finally a portion of the revenue will be redistributed as salaries.

How long does it take to be delivered ?

Typically one week. Once you purchase the watch, we will send you a payment notification and advise you on your date of delivery with a tracking reference number.

How many RISE WATCH editions are available ?

At present, we have two editions.
– Rise Blue Cross: The daily-wear edition, 99 GBP
– Rise Chronograph: The sporty edition, 149 GBP

We are working on a very special edition limited to 300 units called The ONE. We are hoping to provide you this edition before June 2022.

I have more questions, where do I ask?

Of couse, you can send your questions to timeto@rise.scot and we will answer asap.

Thank you.