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RISE is not funded by millionaires but by its members and supporters.

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With Tory austerity pushing the people of Scotland further into poverty, and the rise of the number of people being forced to rely upon food banks to feed our families, now more than ever we need to build grassroots resistance to a Tory Government.

  • ACTION: We are active in communities across Scotland
  • NETWORKS: We are developing networks of Youth, Women, Disability, Trade Unionists, LGBTI and BAME
  • POLICY: We have the most progressive policy platform - because we put people before profit
  • SUPPORT: We are supported by an array of figures from the independence movement, the international left and the anti-austerity movement. Because we too are part of these movements, we build our support from the ground up.

RISE will not be getting any large donations from big business.

So, if you can afford £500, please do so. 

You can be assured every penny will be put to maximum advantage.

If you can donate £250, we would be very grateful. 

We realise times are tough, with the government’s austerity policies biting hard, but there is no better cause to support.

Perhaps you can give £100? Or £50? or £5 No assistance will be turned down.

If you feel you are in a position to provide more long term support, why not set up a direct debit to make a monthly contribution to our cause? 

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