RISE Contacts

Action Teams

Action Teams are responsible for the day to day running of RISE nationally.



Please contact the Secretarial Team for any issues relating to Membership, National Assemblies and communication.



Please contact the Finance Team for advice on spending, election expenses or central funding  proposals. 


Please contact the Media Team for advice on press, or for any issues relating to media, including social media.


Please contact the International Team with any queries relating to international coordination and links.


Policy and Research:

Please contact the Policy and Research Team to raise any policy related questions or to enquire about or propose areas of research. 


Please contact the Tech Team for any IT advice, website issues or other technological queries. 

RISE Networks

RISE Networks bring together various groups in the organisation allowing for focused work and campaigns. If you would like to join a Network please email the following:



Please contact the Women Team for any queries relating to women's organisation and issues. 

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LGBTI+ Network:

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Youth Network:

Trade Union Network:

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Disability Network:

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RISE Design

If you need a leaflet designed, or have an idea for a poster or info-graphic please email: