Today saw a landmark debate on Trident in the Scottish Parliament, coming after the Scottish Labour conference voted to oppose trident renewal.

RISE welcomes all new forces to the campaign against nuclear weapons. But to stop Trident renewal we need to be concrete about the actions we must take to ensure that the UK’s WMD are disarmed. That means that as well as building the broadest possible movement against Trident, we also need to continue the campaign for Independence. Westminster is determined to hang on to Trident, and Labour at a UK level presently supports renewal.

As well as Trident renewal we need to re-open the debate on the nuclear club which both the SNP and Labour want us to remain a member of. To have a truly effective process of disarmament we must step up to the mark by unequivocally opposing membership of NATO.

Speaking in the debate, Jean Urquhart MSP said that, ‘Trident and NATO had the same partnership as Fish and Chips.’ They fit hand and glove – and the peace movement is determined to speak out against both to end militarism and war.

Calling for a new debate on NATO Jean said:

‘'We have a great opportunity to scrap Trident and I very much welcome the decision of Labour members in Scotland to oppose Trident renewal. However, to make this a reality, we need to gain Independence, and we also need to keep saying No to NATO.'' 

''The election of RISE MSPs in 2016 will ensure that the voice of the anti-war and anti-imperialist movement is heard in Holyrood. As the debate around Trident looks set to intensify, we can make a huge stride forward for peace if we build a broad and radical movement to challenge the great power that wishes to waste billions on a new generation of WMD.’'