The demolition of the Red Road flats was meant to be a moment symbolising the future of a city where there is no longer any publicly owned housing. The bizarre idea of making it part of the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony last year was planned as a spectacular demonstration of the end of council housing by the city's elite, but was swiftly abandoned in the face of a storm of public disgust.

Instead, yesterday's botched explosion witnessed by thousands throughout the city became a powerful symbol of the failures of housing policy in a city which has seen tens of thousands of formerly council homes transferred to Glasgow Housing Association. 

GHA proceeded to run down and demolish much of the legacy of the past, whilst building itself a commercial empire. Almost half of the 81,000 homes that the public sector gave the GHA in 2003 no longer remain, and a further 19,000 face demolition.

A RISE spokesperson said:

"The Red Road flats, like schemes across Glasgow, were victims of under investment and deliberate neglect by councils and government. They would like people to see their failures as somehow the fault of tenants and the idea of social housing. There were many that believed that they could have once again been attractive places to live if properly refurbished and made more attractive and environmentally sustainable."

"As former residents say goodbye to these homes, and the demolition itself was greeted by protests from local residents, the time is now to hold both Labour and the SNP accountable for the failure to deliver the homes we need to address the housing crisis in Glasgow, and across Scotland."

"While the current Scottish Government has built 4,500 homes since it came to power -which dwarfs its predecessors pathetic effort of 6 - this is not enough to meet the desperate shortages that have become chronic in recent years. We need an emergency programme of building tens of thousands of new affordable publicly owned homes. These must be built to the latest green standards that can almost eliminate high energy costs for heating."

"This is an essential alternative to austerity that will provide skilled jobs and improve the quality of life immeasurably for everyone in Scottish society."

This week we will be launching a new report that gives details of just what must be done to alleviate Scotland's housing crisis. At next year's election, the need for pro-independence, left wing MSP's committed to doing so could not be clearer.