The Tory anti-union bill plans to put shackles on workers rights which breach international conventions and would make any tyrant green with envy. It represents an attack not just on workers organisation, but on democracy itself.

A RISE spokesperson said:

"This Bill is yet another bitter consequence of last year’s No vote. As the left of the independence movement argued in the referendum, Labour betrayed the advancement of the workers movement in Scotland by subjecting workers to Tory governments they didn't vote for in the pursuit of keeping the British State together.

"The Tory anti-Union Bill is an unprecedented attack on workers rights and it demand that 40% of all members vote for strikes would , applied to MPs, see most of them out of a job.

"For RISE, trade unionism is not an add on. Re-establishing trade unionism is central to developing a society in which people come before profit.

"RISE will stand with every single trade union activist who takes action beyond the law. Bad laws must be broken if we are to bring about real social change. That is why we support all action that opposes the Tory Bill -inside and outside of the parliament and regardless of party affiliation.

"We need the broadest possible movement of opposition to the government. We support the call for a mass mobilisation at this years Tory conference in Manchester which can unite the entire movement across the UK against the Tories.

"In addition we will play a role in rebuilding the strength of the trade union movement. That includes a massive expansion of trade union organisation into the private sector, linking the trade union movement with the social movements and putting forward a cutting edge industrial policy that puts power in the hands of workers."