The election of Jeremy Corbyn to lead the Labour Party is a huge victory for the left and the anti-austerity movement. But Scottish Labour cannot be rescued from meltdown, or as a force for those seeking radical social change.


"We welcome the election of Jeremy Corbyn to lead UK Labour. It represents a stunning defeat for Blairism and New Labour. Corbyn's campaign has inspired hundreds of thousands of people who want a socialist future to re-engage with politics - but Scottish Labour are never going to do the same.

"The vast majority of progressive opinion in Scotland has rejected both austerity and the Westminster set up which is imposing it at the behest of the big business and the bankers. These voters back both socialist answers to the crisis and the independent Scotland we need to implement them.

"Corbyn opposes Independence or even a second referendum and believes that change can come through the antiquated House of Commons with it's corrupt electoral system. Few of those who used to vote Labour and now back independence will share that view. 

"Corbyn is right to say that a people's social movement is needed, but in Scotland it is not possible to develop that around the Labour Party. Corbyn is a product of the great progressive movements of our time. The Scottish leadership is not - and furthermore - stood against the largest people's movement in Scottish history last year.

"RISE exists to give voice to the thousands who only a year ago backed Yes to open the way to radical socialist solutions to Scotland’s problems and want to see such politics in Holyrood.

"And we want to reach out even beyond that. There is an alternative for Scottish Corbynistas - RISE is a new left-wing coalition in Scotland which stands up for trade unions, which believes in the socialist politics of public ownership and redistribution of wealth from rich to poor.

“We will be contesting next years’ Holyrood list elections in all eight regions putting a clear case for an independent socialist Scotland. We are confident that such an approach, which motivated thousands last year, will see those views elected to the Scottish Parliament next year.”