RISE today welcomes the support of veteran independence campaigner Jim Sillars. (1)

In an essay in The National, Sillars outlines the need for a left wing, pro-independence alternative at the Scottish Parliament elections next May. Sillars argues that there has been a damaging void on the left, which RISE must aspire to fill. (2)

A RISE spokesperson said:

“Jim Sillars is a major figure on the pro independence left and RISE warmly welcomes his support for our campaign at next year's Holyrood elections."

“RISE stands for a socialist transformation of Scotland which puts the needs of people and planet before profit, and supports a second independence referendum, and a democratic republic.”

“We share Jim’s view that Labour has long since abandoned  the working class voters. We also agree that socialist ideas are needed now more than ever. We will be making that case in the coming months ahead."

“It is particularly welcome that Jim is urging people to seriously consider voting RISE on next year’s list ballot. Such a vote can ensure that not only is there a pro-independence parliament but that it has a serious socialist group of MSPs in it.”

"As RISE activists from across Scotland prepare to gather for our first ever democratic conference tomorrow, we are at the final stages of arranging our policy platform and organisational capacity. 2016 will see a strong socialist challenge, and we believe many more will be joining Jim in supporting RISE as the campaign develops."