In the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks the number of reported hate crimes in Scotland have increased at an almost unprecedented level. We have seen in one week nearly as many as we seen in the entity of last year.

Today The Sun newspaper has run a front page tantamount to incitement to racial hatred and violence against the Muslims. Such effects will be felt by the people who will undoubtedly suffer from attacks be they verbal or physical in the days and weeks to come.

Racists and biggots have today be given a licence to mobilise hate by The Sun. The headline "1 in 5 Brit Muslims' sympathy for Jihadis" is a false and deliberately divisive slogan that will be used as a call to action by far-right groups and racists.

The poll is risible and discredited (1). The article begins by saying that 1 in 5 Muslims 'has some sympathy for those who have fled the UK to fight for IS in Syria.' And yet the poll does not mention IS in the question. This can be nothing other than a calculated attempt to spur a further backlash against Muslims. The Editors must be held responsible.

Jean Urquhart MSP said:

'This is an appalling front page that should be roundly condemned. It will be used as a recruiting sergeant by the most racist and intolerant sections of our society. In the wake of the recent rise in racially motivated attacks, The Sun must know that such inflammatory myth mongering will only aid those who seek to demonise Muslims. I hope many of my colleagues will also be expressing their outrage at this shameful front page today.'

RISE seeks to oppose the racist backlash in broadest possible terms and stands shoulder to shoulder with those who have been the victim of hate crimes.