The horrific events in Paris have precipitated a profoundly worrying escalation in racist and Islamophobic attacks.

Racist thugs and the far-right are seeking to exploit the terror in Paris for their own ends. These people must be resisted. The Muslim community must be defended.

Since the attacks we have seen racist abuse directed at Humza Yousaf MSP, a gang of thugs invade a takeaway in Fife injuring the two owners and now the torching of a Muslim Cultural Centre in Bishopbriggs. That is not to mention the general spike in racially motivated attacks that have taken place.

RISE stands shoulder to shoulder with Muslims under attack. We stand utterly opposed to the right-wing press and the demonisation propaganda which only pours fuel on the fire.

It is at times like this that the progressive movement of all stripes must unite to defeat the hatred peddled by racists. It is abhorrent that such forces utilise the tragic events in Paris to further their toxic agenda.

No saviour is to be found in the State. The British Government are intent on further eroding our civil liberties. They are gearing up for more bombing of a region already destabilised as a result of the devastation caused by UK-US forces in Iraq. 

In the immediate term we need: 

- An uncompromising defence of the Muslim community.

- An anti-war movement that will resist the drive to more bombing and further destabilisation and bloodshed.

- To mount a society wide defence of our civil liberties.

The strategy employed by IS is to stoke division and escalate war. The best response to this is to fight for unity around the positions outlined above. That is the task that faces us all.