On 12th November, Turkish security forces raided and shut down the building of the Free Women’s Congress (KJA) in Diyarbakir. KJA are a Kurdish women’s group who have, for over 40 years, fought for women’s liberation, democracy and the rights of self-determination for the Kurdish people.

The group has experienced continuous harassment from the Turkish State in the past six months, with officers raiding KJA premises four times and seizing internal documents such as registration books and membership lists. KJA is the latest victim of state repression, as over 370 NGOs have been shut down in recent months by the Turkish authorities.

RISE Women stand in solidarity with the Free Women’s Congress in their struggle against the repression of Turkish State security forces. We know despite the intolerable conditions under which you are working, you will continue to resist authoritarianism and fight for the rights of your people, and your activism inspires us to continue the fight against women’s oppression wherever it is found. We stand with you, in sisterhood and solidarity, and hope that this message of support gives you strength to continue the fight for liberation and democracy.