RISE organiser Sean Baillie shares why he thinks we must defend our public infrastructure, by any means necessary ahead of a series of Anti-Cuts demos organised around Scotland.

"As we enter into the next round of council budgets proposals and discussions on ‘efficiencies’ we must look at what our public services are in reality, look at new ways to defend not only our services and public infrastructure, but how we can build our local economies, develop our neighbourhoods and strengthen our power as communities."

"Our infrastructure is attacked, closed and sold off under the guise of Austerity, yet there is no attacks or impact on the lives of those who caused the economic meltdown, their share of the wealth and power has increased dramatically since the downturn. Instead, it is used as an excuse to roll back years of economic defensive measures built up by the working classes, to destroy the institutions we have built to protect ourselves economically and politically."

"Their quest for infinite profit and wealth has seen them de-industrialise much of the UK stripping away the economic power of working class people, they have then set out to dismantle our public institutions in order to suck more of our money into the pockets of a few, running down services until they no longer work and then putting them out to market. They do this because they have run out of idea’s, they’ve run out of people to exploit in far-flung corners of the globe, they’ve burdened us all with as much personal debt as possible in order to keep the economy growing and they have nowhere else to turn. They either have to hand over their stocks and shares and work for a living, or they further destroy our way of life."

"That is the fight we face today, we either force the redistribution of wealth and power to build a sustainable economy, preventing the trickle up economics of money being sucked out of our neighbourhoods and into offshore hedge funds, or we sit back and watch them destroy our society."

  "Defiance, resistance and movement to protect our public infrastructure keep money in our economy, winning these fights will keep the money in our communities and will enable us to economically and politically defend ourselves. Only by securing these foundations can we not only begin to build a vision of a better future but actually start working towards those goals."

"RISE has proven that we are willing to take direct and necessary action to defend our communities and public spaces, we will continue to do so by encouraging and supporting local groups, communities and neighbourhoods to take ownership of this fight. If the politicians and big political parties continue to manage the slow decline of our institutions and infrastructure, our communities will have no option but to take ownership and matters into our own hands in order to protect ourselves."


GMB and Unison are holding a join demonstration outside Glasgow City Chambers on Thursday the 22nd of February at 12.30.

Unison in North Lanarkshire have called a demo outside the council offices in Motherwell for Friday 23rd of February at 10.30am.