Rise Glasgow South are hosting their first Red Line Debate on the 31st of January. Following the successes of previous Red Line Debates hosted by the Lothians circle, Glasgow South will be looking to explore and debate the recent Collapse of international construction firm Carillion. 

The news of the Carillion's collapse has been covered in length by all national news outlets after it was revealed that major public sector contracts were handed to the firm despite repeated warnings about the companies financial stability.

The endless list of schemes that transfer millions of public money into the hands of blacklisting private firms must end immediately. A renewed focus on how we can build a planned economy that invests in our people and secures the future of the institutions that we rely on, must begin.  

The STUC have since called for an immediate moratorium on all public sector outsourcing whilst a review is carried out.

Pro Independence think tank Commonweal have also released a policy paper stating that "In Scotland at least, not only should it (Carillions Collapse) be the beginning of the end for the private finance model in public infrastructure, but that we already have the beginnings of a new model which could replace it." Which goes on to explain what that model could look like.

Amongst those scheduled to speak at the debate are Sarah Collins, Policy officer at the STUC and Ben Wray, head of policy at Commonweal (pc), the debate will be held on the 31st of January in the Pollokshaws Burgh Halls at 7pm.

More information can be found here.

Read the Smith Commissions report on moving on from outsourcing and PFI schemes here.