RISE statement supporting the independent republic of Catalonia.

“RISE is unequivocal in its support for the independent republic of Catalonia, after the historic vote on Friday 27 October in the Catalan Parliament.

“RISE believes the international community must now recognise Catalonia as a sovereign and independent state. In particular, we call on the Scottish Government, the UK Government and the European Union to recognise Catalonia’s new independent state status based on the right of nations to self-determination.

“This vote was the only possible democratic response of the Catalan Parliament to the violent repression of the Spanish state of the 1 October referendum and its attempt to impose direct rule through article 155.

“All attempts by the Spanish state to destroy the independent republic of Catalonia must be resisted internationally. RISE will be participating in protests and other forms of solidarity to show that supporters of democracy across Europe and the world stand with, and will defend, the Catalan republic.”


  1. For more information contact Sean at sean.baillie.rise@gmail.com
  2. RISE is supporting the Catalan Defence Committee Scotland as part of an international movement to defend the Catalan Republic, for more including a list of supporters visit https://catalandefence.org/
  3. RISE members Deborah Waters and Jonathon Shafi are currently in Catalonia with our comrades from CUP, the radical left party in Catalonia, showing direct solidarity with the Catalan republic. For more information or to arrange interviews please get in touch.