RISE Scotland is pleased to announce the appointment of our new National Organiser - Deborah Waters Deborah comes to the role with a wealth of political experience. Originally a Labour Party member who helped organise Labour for Independence during the referendum campaign, Deborah quickly got involved with Radical Independence Campaign and The Left Project shortly after.

A mainstay of RISE since its inception, Deborah stood as a candidate in Glasgow during the Holyrood elections in 2016. Deborah has since immersed herself in fighting homelessness within the city, starting up and maintaining a drop-in and day kitchen for those facing life on the streets.

In a professional capacity, she has a 25 year record of outstanding community organising, working with some of the city's most vulnerable groups. A carer for much of that time, she has first hand experience of some of the worst exploitation within the care industry. It is these injustices that have helped shape her politics and given her the drive to make RISE a success and a force to be reckoned with in Scotland.

We wish Deborah all the best in this role and look forward to working with her to transform our society.