The UK has voted for exiting the European Union. The immediate consequences will be faced most by the hundreds of thousands of immigrants and refugees in Scotland and across Britain who face a more racist and intimidating environment that has been whipped up by some of the leaders on both the Remain and Leave side of the referendum campaign.

RISE stands against anti-migrant racism and xenophobia and believe a strong and united opposition is needed on the streets, in workplaces and communities throughout the UK. Everyone who has moved to this country has as much right to be here as anyone else, and we must protect and defend that right completely.

The ramifications of Brexit in Scotland - where 63% of voters and all 32 local authorities voted Remain -  make a second Scottish Independence Referendum in a timely fashion absolutely essential to end our democratic deficit in the UK once and for all.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has indicated indyref2 is highly likely to happen, and RISE believes it must happen if the will of the people of Scotland is to be respected.

We will throw our full weight behind a renewed Yes movement to make sure a Yes majority is secured. In doing so, RISE will be making the case for a socialist Scotland based on the redistribution of wealth and power away from elites and to the people of Scotland.

We will also stand with radical left parties internationally in demanding a democratised Europe and an end to austerity and racist policies towards refugees.

- No to anti-migrant racism and xenophobia

- Yes to a second independence referendum

- Yes to a democratised, anti-austerity Europe.

RISE members will be meeting locally and nationally in the coming weeks to collectively discuss how best to move these and other issues forward after Brexit.