RISE - Scotland's Left Alliance has today (Tuesday) published a damning new report into the Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012 (OBA).

You can download it here.

The report, written by University of Glasgow PhD researcher Maureen McBride, shows how the controversial legislation is criminalising young people for actions as minor as swearing, is victimising fans from clubs outside the Old Firm, and is based on a flawed mechanism for identifying of sectarian behaviour. 

RISE opposes the OBA and has called for its repeal. 

Commenting, Cat Boyd, RISE's top candidate in on the Glasgow regional list, said: 

"The OBA is a disastrous piece of legislation and this report demonstrates that. It shows how this misguided law has criminalised young football fans for behaviour that is very far from offensive. 
"RISE stands wholesale against the OBA. If elected to Holyrood on Thursday, we'll do everything we can to overturn it."

Maureen McBride added:

"I wrote this report because it became evident very early on in my research that the Act had indeed ‘grown arms and legs’ and was being used in a worryingly broad manner. 
"I think that the supposedly high levels of ‘public support’ for the Act are based firstly on flawed polls and secondly on a general lack of understanding of what the Act actually is. 
"I hope this report goes some way to raising awareness about a piece of legislation that is effectively criminalising young working-class fans attending football matches."