Commenting on the launch of Scottish Labour's Holyrood manifesto this morning, Cat Boyd, RISE's lead Glasgow candidate, said:

"On the surface, there are elements of Labour's manifesto that RISE welcomes. Ultimately, however, Kezia Dugdale's sudden conversion to socialism represents a last ditch effort from a dying party.

"Labour were in government for eight years at Holyrood and burdened Scotland with massive PFI debts and crumbling schools. During the 2014 independence referendum, they stood side-by-side with the Tories, putting the Union before the working people of Scotland.

"Dugdale presents herself as a late convert to Corbynism, but less than a year ago she argued that his leadership would leave Labour 'carping from the sidelines.' Her new-found socialists rhetoric is further undermined by the fact that Anas Sarwar, a Blairite millionaire, is currently measuring the drapes in her office.

"RISE, by contrast, has set-out a clear and consistent socialist programme.

"A £10 per hour minimum wage, higher taxes on the rich, universal free public transport, and a living income for Scotland's carers - these policies would have a transformative effect on the lives of thousands of Scots.

"Dugdale is desperately trying to rescue her disastrous campaign with a few token leftwing gestures. It won't work. Yes voters and independence supporters can’t trust the party of Anas Sarwar, Jackie Ballie and Blair McDougall.

"Scottish Labour politicians know they are on the way out and will say anything at this stage to avoid finishing third to the Tories.

"We are making a direct appeal to Labour voters to give their second votes to RISE, Scotland's real socialist alternative.