'Scottish politics has changed. It's time for the parliament to change with it.'

RISE - Scotland's Left Alliance launched its first election manifesto this morning at the Science Centre in Glasgow.

The event was attended by dozens of RISE activists and by print and broadcast media from across the country.

The manifesto details key election policies, including a commitment to a second independence referendum within the lifespan of the next Holyrood parliament, a living income for Scotland's carers, and a new 60 per cent rate of tax on the richest people in Scotland.

The launch represents a milestone for RISE, which was formed in August of last year, and adds to the growing momentum of its inaugural campaign.

Commenting, RISE National Organiser Jonathon Shafi said:

"In 2014, as a result of the independence referendum, Scottish politics changed fundamentally. It is time for the Scottish Parliament to change with it.

"RISE embodies the spirit of grassroots radicalism that gripped progressive Scotland two years ago. If elected to office on 5 May, we will take that sense of radicalism into the corridors of power."

Colin Fox, RISE's lead candidate in the Lothians, added:

"At this election, RISE is the only organisation with a clear strategy for independence. We support a second referendum within the lifespan of the next parliament, with or without Westminster's consent.

"Independence supporters face a choice next month: do they want intransigent unionist politicians sitting on the opposition benches or RISE MSPs ready to chart a path to independence?"

And Cat Boyd, RISE's lead candidate in Glasgow, said:

"Today we set-out a strong set of policies designed to tackle some of the most urgent problems Scotland faces. A living income for Scotland's carers, a higher rate of income tax on the richest, and a new £10 per hour minimum wage - these proposals would transform life for millions of Scots.

"RISE is a socialist organisation. If you want socialist voices in parliament articulating socialist ideas and socialist arguments, vote RISE on 5 May."