Commenting on today's report in the Sunday Herald which suggests that voting twice for the SNP in the upcoming Holyrood election could help the anti-independence parties, Cat Boyd - RISE's lead Glasgow candidate - said:

"This report makes a compelling case for pro-independence voters to back RISE with their second votes.

"The Scottish Parliamentary electoral system is designed to guard against the dominance of one party. If the SNP sweep the constituency ballots, the system will compensate other parties.

“This election is important. Independence supporters will decide whether there are more diehard unionist politicians at Holyrood or whether there will be RISE MSPs ready to chart a path to independence. This hinges on how pro-independence supporters vote on the second ballot paper.

"In some respects, RISE represents the heart of the independence movement. We are a diverse alliance of forces fighting for change in Scotland now and a radical vision of independence in the future.

"John Curtice has made the case that we need to vote with our heads as well as our hearts.

"I'd rather people voted for RISE on the second ballot than let unionist parties in by the back door. Labour and the Tories have done nothing to earn the respect of ordinary people, nor can they represent the aspirations of millions of voters.

"RISE, by contrast, is working hard in communities across Scotland. In recent weeks, our campaign has picked-up real momentum, both in the media and on the ground.

"I hope that the pro-independence movement will be pro-active in this election, and I hope that they're inspired enough to vote for RISE on the second ballot.

"A vote for RISE can appeal to both the head and the heart. It will keep the unionists out and it keep our fight for change alive.

“Put simply: we’re asking people to vote for what they believe in. If you still believe that another Scotland is possible, then vote for RISE."