RISE - Scotland's Left Alliance has today published its strategy for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

If elected to office on 5 May, RISE MSPs will table a motion to the Scottish Parliament that asserts Holyrood's right to stage another referendum at the time of its choosing. They will then invite other pro-independence MSPs to back the motion.

RISE intends to mobilise support for the motion by launching a national petition that affirms Scotland's right to call a second independence vote.



As part of RISE's broader election strategy, the Left Alliance intends to campaign hard in those communities worst hit by the Tory Government's austerity cuts.

RISE believes that the case for independence is tied to Westminster's assault on public services and Tory austerity. 

Glasgow Candidate Cat Boyd said:

"The independence referendum changed politics in Scotland for a generation because of the people's movement that drove the Yes vote from 30% up to 45%.

"Now we are bearing the brunt of Tory austerity as a result of the No vote in 2014. But the national question remains at the top of the agenda in Scottish politics.

"That is why Scotland needs a mandate, in this election, to have a referendum in the next parliament if and when the time is right. We need to keep the pressure on Westminster and re-assert the radical demands of the independence movement to ensure Cameron and Osborne know that austerity will see a defiant challenge from citizens in Scotland where the majority are opposed to the UK government."

Lothians candidate Colin Fox said:

"All RISE candidates realise the importanceour commitment to a second referendum.

"In presenting our case for a second vote RISE will also stress that the Independence movement and the SNP are not the same thing.

"The movement is more diverse than one party. We need to broaden and deepen the movement to break from Tory rule. 

RISE: Scotland’s Left Alliance has a crucial part to play in that historic struggle. Our vision of self-determination is an independent socialist Scotland, a modern democratic republic. "

Jonathon Shafi, RISE National Organiser said:

"Our target is Westminster and we are putting the anti-Tory mood at the centre of our initiative for a second referendum.

"We need to send a strong message, rooted in activism and radical ideas, that says we are not going to sit on our hands for the coming years of intensified austerity.

"We are going to get moving - starting with our national petition to support our resolution to parliament, and by making sure independence is for everyone who wants to see an end to Tory rule and a social alternative to cuts and privatisation.

"That sentiment needs mobilised, energised and organised to build the momentum for a second referendum. We cannot do that, and we cannot pile pressure on the Tories at this critical time, if we don't integrate a second referendum into this election with a coherent plan that links the power of the parliament with the power of the people"