RISE- Scotland's Left Alliance has welcomed the publication of a survey showing that Yes activists sit to the left of the SNP.

The survey of 993 Yes campaigners was compiled by Dr Iain Black of Heriot-Watt University and Sara Marsden, a social researcher and activist with Common Weal Edinburgh North and Leith.

The survey found that nearly 40 per cent of Yes activists had taken part in Radical Independence Campaign events during 2014, and that on average, on a scale of one to 11 with one representing the furthest left and 11 furthest right, Yes campaigners, were at 3.19, significantly to the left of the SNP at 4.31.

The report comes as the Yes Scotland group in Craigmiller announced that it will support and campaign for a regional list vote for RISE in the May elections.

A RISE Spokesperson said:

"This study highlights several important things. Firstly, that the organisational and political role of the radical left was not a fringe element. In fact it became increasingly the mainstay of the campaign.

"The movement itself was also distinctly left-wing in character as attested by the fact that most people involved were taking part because of the radical potential of independence in terms of class, austerity and democracy rather than nationalism. This is the impulse that drove the vote up to 45%.

"If you look back at Yes Scotland it started as a corporate campaign and by the end took on a distinctly anti-Tory, anti-austerity message. Any reversal of this process will lessen support for independence. Triangulation on the right will have a negative effect on the mobilising potential of the movement in the future.

"The radical left will play a central role in the future on the national question, and as we have shown, it's not an added extra, but fundamental to both winning independence, and shaping the sort of independence working class Scotland needs in an era of austerity and crisis.

 "We welcome the new support on the regional list ballot from Yes Craigmillar and look forward to receiving support from broad sections of the independence movment in May"