Commenting on the involvement of Police Scotland in dawn raids against asylum seekers in Bridgeton on Tuesday, Pinar Aksu, a RISE candidate for Glasgow and former Dungavel detainee, said:

 "For the past few days Glasgow witnessed inhumane face of the asylum system. NUS Scotland's Asylum Seeker and Refugee Officer, Lord Apetsi has been dawn raided on Saturday 19th March- same day as UN anti racism rally which took place in George Square.

"NUS Scotland organised an emergency protest in Edinburgh and in London to save Lord Apetsi being deported back to his country. On the same day, LGBT activist and asylum seeker Beverly Vaanda Kanjii, 45, and her 14 year old son has been arrested in a dawn raid at their Bridgeton home.

"Supporters gathered outside Brand Street to stop the van leaving, however UK immigration enforcement officers and Police Scotland was present to keep the protesters away. Beverly and her son has been taken away after long resistance from the protesters.

"The Home Office has been working with Police Scotland to detain both families for their removal. RISE condemns such actions. RISE will campaign to ensure that no asylum seekers and refugees in Scotland are detained, and that Dungavel is shut down.

"We want to live in a country where everyone is welcomed.

Dr Nick McKerrell Lecturer in Law said:

"Questions must be asked how at a time of austerity how can the use of limited Scottish police resources be used in this way.  There should be an inquiry into Police Scotland' s decision to get involved in enforcing the UK government's brutal immigration policy.

"In the longer term RISE calls for a more locally accountable police force."