RISE has welcomed the decision of Yes Craigmillar to back the left alliance on the regional list vote.

Derek Durkin of Trade Unionists for Independence said:

"I'm delighted at the decision of Yes Craigmillar/Niddrie to back RISE on the list in the forthcoming election.

"The tax decisions of the SNP clearly shows that a left alternative to their neo-liberal policies is absolutely crucial if we are to achieve the aim of a more equal and fair independent Scotland."

Colin Fox, lead RISE candidate for the Lothians said:

"I am delighted Yes campaigners in Niddrie and Craigmillar have recommended Independence supporters give RISE their second vote. This is an area of Edinburgh which recorded a large YES majority in September 2014. I feel sure their decision to back RISE reached after a very informative hustings last night will be reflected across Scotland on May 5.th

"Their rousing endorsement follows similar enthusiastic backing for RISE from former SNP Deputy leader Jim Sillars.

"RISE’s commitment to a second referendum within the lifetime of the next Parliament was immensely popular at the meeting as was our vision of an independent socialist Scotland where the great wealth of this nation is shared out far more fairly and communities like Craigmillar finally receive their fair share.

"Yes campaigners across Scotland wil be fascinated by the survey published today showing the majority of us to the left of the SNP. And they can be assured that giving their second vote to RISE will keep the SNP’s ‘feet to the fire’ as it were in delivering the left-wing policies we all desire."