RISE congratulates EIS-FELA members on their victory following just one day of industrial action.

Further strikes have now been suspended following an offer on pay harmonisation and national bargaining.

RISE education spokesperson and FE lecturer James McEnaney said:

“This is a huge win not just for FE lecturers but for all trade unionists in this country.

“Despite being told that a final offer had been made and that their demands were unaffordable, the solidarity shown by union members has forced Colleges Scotland and the Scottish government to honour a promise made to the profession prior to the last election campaign.

“In the context of ongoing austerity and public sector cuts this a remarkable success story. Some will now see five-figure pay increases, and Scotland’s lecturers will once again be united within a system of national collective bargaining.

“Lecturers - who were forced into entirely unnecessary strike action by actions of their employers - prevailed thanks to the enormous support they received from across the country and the massive increase in union membership.

“This just goes to show that real power always lies with the workers. When we stand together change is not just possible, it is inevitable.”